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Cold Weather Shelter

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Our Cold Weather Shelters

The Cold Weather Shelter provides a safe and secure environment for staying overnight 7pm-7am from November through March. The shelter has no fixed location, but moves to various host locations throughout the county. We welcome any adult over 18 years old.


With the help of JCCM, people without housing in Jefferson County can have a safe place to stay in the coldest months, engage with case management, use our laundry facilities, receive mail, and have opportunities to shower and get haircuts.


We are always looking for volunteers to stay at the shelter overnight along with experienced staff. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Kaz Feldstein at jccm.c.w.shelter@gmail.com or Jan Jordan jan@jccm.us


Look below for the schedule from November through May.


The emergency phone number for the shelter is 304-503-4920.