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JCCM is always looking for compassionate, dedicated individuals to volunteer for our many programs.  Whatever skill, talent, or interest you have, we can find a place where you can help our community.

We are in need of volunteers to help in intake, the food pantry, clothing, our day programs, and the cold weather shelter.


Intake volunteers are usually the first people that clients encounter. They greet the clients, obtain necessary information, check that the clients are eligible for services, and give them vouchers or referrals for what they need.


Food pantry volunteers help with all the needs in the food pantry. They fill orders for clients, accept and sort donations, and help keep the pantry clean and organized.


Clothing volunteers help sort, fold, and organize the clothing donations that come in for clients.


Our day programs are looking for dedicated volunteers to help them expand their programming.  They are looking for people who can help with life skills like budgeting, interviewing, and conflict resolution.


The cold weather shelter is in need of overnight volunteers to work alongside a JCCM staff person. They are an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands — support for the staff. They also help the clients at the shelter by helping them find their things, making coffee, getting out snacks, and just being willing to listen.