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A New Years Gift

A New Years Gift

To the Jefferson County Community Ministries:


My name is Mike and I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for all of the things yo have done for my daughter Michelle.

I want to share and I want people to know what the Ministry has done for Michelle over the years.  She was caught up and consumed by a drug habit and tried to get clean more times that I can remember.  She had nothing or no one to help her, until she found the Ministry.  You provided her a place to come to for meals, a hot shower, a worm bed, and resources for her drug addiction.

As she tried and failed so many times to get clean, the Ministry was there for her and provided her with a room at a hotel because she could not find work.  She tried so hard to get clean but her husband was a addict also and discouraged her from getting clean.  She ended up in Baltimore with him and then abandoned her there.  Once again the Ministry stepped in and found her a way to come home.

You helped her to get into a recovery program “MRC” that helped her to get clean.  You made it possible for her to get into a safe house with others who were recovering.  You all have given her hope and a belief in herself that she is good enough.  Because of the Ministry she has had help getting an education to become a counselor, you gave her a job, and you are helping her with the process of getting away from her abuser.  I thank you and I am so grateful that my old Michelle is back.  Your Ministry has done all these wonderful things for Michelle.

I have been down to the Ministry a few times and I have seen the boxes of food, clothes, and shelter you have given these helpless people never turning anyone away.  There are a lot of charities out there but I have never seen one go above and beyond what you do.  I do know this, my daughter will not let me or you down this time.

Through God’s grace she will take this gift of a new life you have given her and she will pay it forward to help someone else like her.  Again I think your Ministry for all that you do for the community and I hope you will always be successful in your good works.

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