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Jefferson Medical Center Staff Donation

The Jefferson Medical Center Medical Staff donated $5,000 to JCCM!   The staff participated in the JCCM United Way Unity Campaign in April, and we appreciate it very much.  JCCM is happy to have West Virginia University Medicine as one of our partners. Pictured are Keith Lowry, JCCM Executive Director; Dr. Brad Wright, President of the […]

We are all God’s Children

I am a lifelong resident of Jefferson County.  Prior to my employment at JCCM, I was unaware of how many members of our community are homeless.  While I saw someone from time to time standing at a busy intersection holding a sign asking for some sort of help, I had no idea many others in […]

A New Years Gift

To the Jefferson County Community Ministries:   My name is Mike and I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for all of the things yo have done for my daughter Michelle. I want to share and I want people to know what the Ministry has done for Michelle over the years.  […]