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Generous Donation from the Motikeit Estate

Generous Donation from the Motikeit Estate

Last week, JCCM had a visitor.  The visitor represented the estate of Frank and Deanna Avey-Motikeit who gave JCCM a considerable donation.

Deanna grew up in Martinsburg and attended Hedgesville High School, Shepherd University, and Marshall University majoring in psychology.  Throughout their lives Deanna and her husband Frank were involved in social work and helping veterans with PTSD.

Upon their passing, Deanna and Frank wished to give back to the community where Deanna was raised, and her family chose JCCM as one of the benefactors of the estate.  We are so appreciative of the love and deep devotion of Frank and Deanna and their family and pray for solace and peace in their lives.  We thank them for their love and appreciation of JCCM and our continued quest of helping our neighbors.   Thank you Deanna and Frank for your life of service, giving, and love.

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