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How JCCM Helps Clients

How JCCM Helps Clients

Since July, JCCM has received several large donations and grants from E-Trade/Morgan Stanley, Charles Town Moose Lodge, EDF Renewables, and several individuals.  To all those who that have sent JCCM these much-needed funds, we give out heartfelt thanks.

Two typical questions asked from those donating are what are our greatest needs, and how will the funds be used?  The answers to these questions are both simple and complex, and based on trust.

The “How” is best explained by telling the narrative of a client I’ll call Susan.  Susan was suffering with addiction and was desperately in need.  Susan felt she had reached the bottom and asked to be rescued.  Through past experience she knew she could trust us to treat her with compassion and dignity.

JCCM staff arranged for the client to be transported to safety.  Concurrently, we worked with WVU Medicine and counseling services to arrange for a medical checkup and entry into a rehabilitation program.  While all this was going on, JCCM made sure the client had a place to stay, food to eat, and the support needed for recovery.  After completing rehabilitation, JCCM provided a safe place to stay with food while arranging for a long-term care facility focused on recovery.  Susan now has a safe place to stay, has found job, is well on the way to being self-sufficient, and looking forward to giving back to the community.  JCCM is blessed to have been an integral part of her recovery.

This case is complex and most of our departments played a role.  JCCM realizes, however, that the client would not have achieved success without our partners.  In this example, JCCM spent many hours, along with outlays of resources to give Susan a chance to overcome and succeed.

The simple “What” answer is that the focus of JCCM is serving those in need within Jefferson County with mercy and grace.  We currently serve approximately 1200 people per year and about 350 families throughout the county.  Serving these and all people in need is our mission.

The needs of our clients vary with everyone’s circumstances.  To better serve those needs, JCCM has 7 different departments tailored to fulfilling identified needs.  The Intake department, Clothing Closet, Food Pantry, Day Programs, Health Care, Cold Weather Shelter, and Case Management are aligned to provide the best and most robust service we can provide.  We also partner with about 32 various agencies from around the area and have formed Tri-State United Resource Network (TURN).  This is seemingly complex, but once again the goal is providing needed services in the most effective and efficient manner.

When someone asks how we use the resources we are given, I can think of no better way to describe the totality of effort JCCM staff does to help those in need.

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