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Press Release: Jefferson County Community Ministries to Build New Community Services Center

Press Release: Jefferson County Community Ministries to Build New Community Services Center


June 21, 2022 


Matt Mullin 

Orion Strategies 


Jefferson County Community Ministries to Build 

New Community Services Center 

Charles Town, WV – Jefferson County Community Ministries is pleased to announce its plans for the creation of The Neighbor Project to build a new Jefferson County Community Services Center to be located in Ranson, WV. 

Accordingly, the leadership of Jefferson County Community Ministries has worked diligently with the offices of U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito to submit federal funding requests for the new center. 

Founded in 1983, Jefferson County Community Ministries has served homeless and at-risk populations in Jefferson County for nearly forty years. What started out as an organization of five local churches has transformed into a covenant of over forty faith-based organizations across the county. Today, Jefferson County Community Ministries provides a cold weather shelter, food pantry, clothing closet, acute medical treatment, day programming, and support services to over 1,500 people and 500 families each year. 

“Jefferson County Community Ministries has had a profound impact on our community for a long time,” said Ranson Mayor, Duke Pierson. “The Community Services Center will further help Jefferson County Community Ministries serve the people who need it most.” 

In response to the need for JCCM to serve more individuals each year, the City of Ranson has donated a large tract of land, including two existing structures spanning a massive 26,000 square feet. Jefferson County Community Ministries is eager to begin renovating the donated space over the next two years and plans to move a hundred percent of its operations to the to-be-built Community Services Center on Racetrack Street in Ranson, West Virginia. 

“We are thrilled to expand our facilities and services for the people of Jefferson County,” said Keith Lowry, Executive Director of JCCM. “We are grateful to the City of Ranson, the City of Charles Town, and our elected officials in helping us grow to new heights.” 

JCCM’s current facility is in the center of Charles Town’s downtown commercial district, making it challenging for most people to readily access services. The new Community Services Center will be located on the boarder of Ranson and Charles Town, where it will be well-situated for its intended use. This location will be central and walkable to downtown, close to West Virginia DHHR, and other local social service agencies. 

JCCM will kick off “The Neighbor Project”, a campaign to fund building the Community Services Center this summer. In lieu of JCCM celebrating 40 years of service, a fundraising gala will be held on May 13th of 2023 at the Ranson Civic Center to support the organization’s endowment and celebrate plans for the new center. 

“The new Community Services Center will provide a multitude of resources for homeless and at-risk individuals in the county,” said Charles Town Mayor Bob Trainor. “The City of Charles Town is proud to see Jefferson County Community Ministries continue to grow in size and services.” 

The Community Services Center will feature new administrative offices, case management offices, as well as a center for day programs and life skills activities. In partnership with WVU Medicine, the Community Services Center will be home to a medical clinic where homeless individuals can be seen by medical staff. 

The Community Services center will supply emergency housing, health and medical care, food and clothing, and other aid to vulnerable citizens, children, and families in Jefferson County. To support the rising number of at-risk and homeless people in the area, the Community Services Center will be the first facility in Jefferson County which will provide emergency housing to at-risk families. 

“With the high number of homeless and at-risk people in our community, it is astounding that there is not an organization that houses families in this area,” stated Lowry. “We are proud to be the first facility that will house families that are in need of a place to stay.” 

For more information on Jefferson County Community Ministries and how to donate, please visit www.jccm.us. 


Jefferson County Community Ministries is a faith-based organization focused on providing assistance to the needy within Jefferson County since 1983. A cooperative ministry of local faith-based organizations, it assists individuals in need by providing assistance when and where they need it most. JCCM devotes resources to emergency assistance, as well as to services geared towards helping clients access long-term solutions. 

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